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Forensic Accident Reconstruction & Investigative Services.
Full Service or Specific Subject Matter analysis of recent, past or aged incidents.
Emergency Response Team available at short notice.

Initial Case / Claim analysis / conference / consult available on the same day or next business day.
Initial contact is always a Courtesy. Determination of cause, attributing cause, liability and / or potential exposure with preliminary analysis to client quickly.
Forensic Accident Investigator / Forensic (Master) Mechanic, Diagnostician, Forensic Auto Body and Frame. Structural Integrity, Crash worthiness. Paint, Refinish, Frame & Structural Restoration expert. Photography, Research, Analysis and Reporting for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Judicial Systems, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fleets, Municipalities, Law Firms and affiliated Legal Entities, Adjusters, Appraisers, Corporations, Research Consultants, Manufacturers, Dealerships, Auto Repair Facilities, Automotive Associations, insured persons, claimants and individuals in the private sector.
We promote the discovery and presentation of fact, not individually tailored beliefs or opinions. We support valid research and evidence in place of speculation. We hold true that evidence does not lie and properly presented evidence is the one true factual enlightenment. Opinions, beliefs or personal truths do not always support the facts, however, facts always support the truth.